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Vehicles on campus may park in any red or green permit space until August 31, when we ask all employees and returning students to park according to permit color.  Ticketing in the red and green permit areas then begins at 7am on the first day of classes in the Fall, Tuesday, September 7th.

Visitor parking is closed to students and staff at all times and is always enforced.

2021-2022 Parking Permits

  • A parking permit is required to park on campus.  Students who wish to park a vehicle on campus must purchase a student parking permit to display on the vehicle.
  • Registration for student parking permits is Online only through August 22nd. Students should visit the Campus Safety web page at gustavus.edu/safety/permits to complete the registration process.  Students will need their Gustavus email username and password and their vehicle information (license plate, make, color) to register.  Permit decals will be delivered to the students’ campus mailboxes the week of August 23rd for them to pick up during Orientation/move-in.  Permits will be charged to student accounts in September.
  • Starting August 30th you must come to the Campus Safety officer to register and receive a permit. Students will need their Gustavus email username and password and their vehicle information (license plate, make, color) to register.  
  • Permits are non-transferable and must be affixed to the outside of the back window, on the top right hand side of each vehicle. This is a change from past years.
  • 2021-2022 Student Parking Permits are priced as follows: 
    • RED: $290 for the academic year
    • YELLOW: $150 for the academic year 
      • NEW THIS YEAR: YELLOW PERMITS! This year we are adding the option of a $150 Yellow permit that allows the holder to park only in one of 75 spots in the Drentell Golf Facility parking lot on the NW corner of campus.  This encourages students who don’t use their cars as much to park at less expense and not remain for long periods in coveted spots near residence halls. Yellow permits are being sold on a first-come, first served basis until they are gone.  Please look to see where the Drentell Golf Facility parking lot is before committing to purchase a parking permit for this location. 
  • If a student changes vehicles during the year, they will need to turn in their old parking sticker to register their new vehicle and get a replacement sticker for $10.  Temporary permits are available for short-term use of alternate vehicles at no charge to sticker owners.
  • Students who purchase a year-long parking permit will be issued red permit decals and will park in parking lot sections with Red Permit parking signs.
  • Students should make themselves familiar with ALL designated Red Permit parking areas, as space nearest their residence hall may not always be available.
  • Temporary permits are also available throughout the year for a daily fee to those who have not purchased a parking sticker.
  • Visitor Parking Lots are closed to student use at all times
  • Students are responsible for knowing the campus parking and traffic regulations at  https://gustavus.edu/safety/policies/traffic.php

Bicycles parked on campus need to be registered with the Department of Campus Safety and display a parking permit (no charge).  Select bicycle registration through the permit registration page (you’ll need to know your bicycle’s serial number!).     https://gustavus.edu/safety/permits


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