Spring Break Parking – Lots Closed

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All vehicles remaining on campus over Spring Break must be parked in the designated break parking in the Bjorling Lot (directly west of the Music building) or if that fills up, in the designated break parking section in the Arbor View Lot.

Look for the BREAK PARKING signs to be sure you are parked in the correct row(s)!

ALL vehicles left in parking lots other than designated break parking will be towed at the owner’s expense



The following Parking Lots will be closed for overnight cleaning according to the following schedule.

Lots CLOSED from 5:00 p.m. Tues., March 28 until Wed., March 29 at 4:00am

  • Norelius Lot  (Green section)
  • Norelius Lot  (Red section)
  • Arboretum Lot  (between Fine Arts/Interpretive Center)
  • Sorensen Lot  (west of North/Gibbs/Sorensen)
  • Stadium/Beck lot

Lots CLOSED from 5:00 p.m. Wed., March 29 until Thurs., March 30 at 4:00am

  • Visitor Lot  (north of Campus Center)
  • Lund Lot  (south of Lund Center)
  • Olin Lot   (south of Olin / International Center)
  • Uhler Lot
  • Swanson Tennis Center Lot
  • Chapel Circle  (west of Christ Chapel)
  • Southwest Lot (north of Southwest Hall) 

Lots CLOSED from 5:00 p.m. Thurs., March 30 until Fri., March 31 at 4:00am

  • Nobel Lot   (west of Nobel)
  • Heating Plant Lot  (east of Heating Plant)
  • Rundstrom Lot
  • Sohre/Wahlstrom Lot
  • College View Lot
  • Bjorling Lot  (west of Bjorling/south of Prairie View)
  • Arbor View Apartments Lot
  • Pittman Lot
  • Chapel View Townhomes Lot

Questions?  Contact Campus Safety at 507-933-8888.


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