Parking Enforcement During Touring Week

Posted on January 31st, 2013 by

Regular parking enforcement is in effect during Touring Week.  A parking permit is required for students and staff to park on campus.  Always assume that parking is enforced.  Visitor parking is closed to students and staff at all times.

Come to the Campus Safety office with your vehicle information to register for a parking sticker.   You can pay with a charge to your student account or a check.

  • Student parking permits from the start of the Spring semester: $115  (If you already purchased your parking sticker in the Fall, it is valid through Spring 2012).
  • Paid temporary passes are available for $5/weekday for those without a parking sticker.

If a permit holder changes vehicles during the year, the original sticker must be turned in (or documentation regarding sale/damage of the vehicle) in order to register the new vehicle and receive a replacement sticker. There is a $10 charge for all replacement student decals.  Contact the Administrative Assistant at 507-933-8809 or email with questions about replacement decals.  Temporary hanging passes are available for shorter-term use of alternate vehicles.


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