City of Saint Peter – Snow Emergency Rules

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City Snow Emergency Rules – Don’t Get Tagged or Towed!

Snow emergencies will always be declared before 5 p.m. and take effect at midnight. Information on the snow emergency will be provided to local media. Residents are encouraged to call the City information line at (507)934-0675 for snow emergency information. Sign up to receive snow emergency notifications via e-mail or text message at

Once a Snow Emergency is declared, there is NO PARKING on any of the posted SNOW EMERGENCY ROUTES for the entire 48 hour period. (Even if the street has been plowed curb-to-curb there is NO PARKING.)

Snow Emergency Routes include:

  • Jefferson Avenue from South Minnesota Avenue to West Corporate Limits
  • College Avenue from South Minnesota Avenue to South Seventh
  • Grace Street from South Fourth Street to Sunrise Drive
  • Broadway Avenue from Gardner Road to South Third Street
  • Traverse Road from Nicollet Avenue to North Washington Avenue
  • North Washington Avenue from Highway 295 to Sunrise Drive
  • North Washington Avenue from Dodd Avenue to Bunker Lane
  • Sunrise Drive from Grace Street to Dodd Avenue
  • North Sunrise Drive from Dodd Avenue to Mason Street
  • Nicollet Avenue from Highway 22 to Highway 99
  • Saint Julien Street from North Washington Avenue to North Minnesota Avenue

Beginning at 12 midnight, for two days, there is NO PARKING on Residential Streets from midnight until 7 a.m.

Beginning at 2 a.m., for two days, there is NO PARKING on Downtown Streets from 2 a.m. until 6 a.m.


If off-street parking is a problem, please make arrangements now. Below is a list of free municipal parking lots, which can be used in snow emergencies. These lots will be plowed only after 24 hours posted notice. Remember many churches and businesses also have private lots, which might be used with permission. The City will not be issuing any parking permits except for medical emergencies.

Free Municipal Lots – For Use During Snow Emergencies:

  1. Next to the Municipal Building located at 227 South Front Street.
  2. West of the Qwest Building on Front and Nassau Streets.
  3. Directly behind Ace Hardware and Godfather’s Pizza in the 200 block of South Minnesota Avenue.
  4. East of the Soderlund Village Drug located at 201 South Third Street.
  5. Jefferson Park.
  6. Public Works building located at 405 West Saint Julien Street.
  7. Municipal Parking Lot #5 located in the 400 block of South Minnesota Avenue (intersection of Grace Street and South Minnesota Avenue – southwest corner).

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