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Parking Permit Process

  • A parking permit is required to park on campus.  Students who wish to park a vehicle on campus must purchase a student parking permit to display on the vehicle.
  • Registration for parking permits will begin July 25th. Students should visit the Campus Safety web page at to complete the registration process.  Students will need their Gustavus email username and password and their vehicle information (license plate, make, color) to register.  Permit decals will be delivered to the student’s campus mailbox by September 2, 2011.  Permits will be charged to student accounts in September.
  • Student parking stickers are $210 and are valid for the entire school year.
  • If a student changes vehicles during the year, they will need to turn in their old parking sticker to register their new vehicle and get a replacement sticker for $10.  Temporary permits are available for short-term use of alternate vehicles at no charge to sticker owners.
  • Permit holders are responsible for their registered vehicles. It is their responsibility to know and obey all parking rules and regulations. Complete parking and traffic regulations can be found on the Campus Safety web page at
  • Students residing on campus who purchase a year-long parking permit will be issued red permit decals and will park in parking lot sections with Red Permit parking signs.
  • Students should make themselves familiar with ALL designated Red Permit parking areas, as space nearest their residence hall may not always be available.
  • Temporary permits are also available throughout the year for a fee of $4/per weekday, with restrictions on parking lot location.  Limited off-campus parking is located on Jefferson Street – on the south end of campus.
  • Visitor Parking Lots are closed to student use at all times.

Parking Locations

Bicycles parked on campus need to be registered with the Department of Campus Safety. There is no charge for registration. Visit the Campus Safety office or view bicycle regulations and register online at

Email the Campus Safety department with any parking questions at or call 507-933-8809.


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