Parking permits – Parking enforcement continues through Graduation

Posted on April 25th, 2011 by

Parking permits are available in the Campus Safety office – basement A wing of Norelius Hall.   Contact 507-933-8888 (24 hours) or (weekday business hours) with any questions.  Parking is enforced through Graduation – a parking permit is required for students to park on campus.

Student parking stickers are $105 (1/2 the cost of a year-long pass).  Parking passes are not pro-rated over the course of the semester.  Those who do not wish to purchase a parking sticker can purchase a temporary parking pass for $4/weekday to park in the purple section of the Arbor View Parking lot.  A parking permit is required for students and staff to park on campus.

If you are bringing a different vehicle back to campus than the one you originally registered, you will need to register your new vehicle and get a new parking sticker in Campus Safety ($10 replacement sticker charge, and the old sticker must be turned in).  If you will be using the alternate vehicle short-term, temporary passes are available (up to 2 weeks) for those who already have parking stickers. Contact Campus Safety at x8888 for more information.  A vehicle cannot be parked on campus without a valid parking permit.  Visitor parking spaces are closed to students and staff at all times (24/7/365). Tickets for non-registration are $30 each day, and any vehicles parked on campus not displaying a valid parking permit will be cited.   Always assume parking is enforced. 


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